Month: November 2013

Can One Muscle Really Turn Off Another? A Look at Reciprocal Inhibition

Photo By Pearson Scott Foresman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons To answer this question, we need to define the term reciprocal inhibition: Reciprocal inhibition: Muscles on one side of a joint relax, in order to accommodate a contraction on the

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Anterior vs. Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt is defined based on a reference point on the top of the ilium.  When someone tells you to “tilt your pelvis forward”, they mean to tip the top of your pelvis forward.  If you were to imagine your

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Static vs. Dynamic Stretching

Photo: Flikr by istolethetv If you’ve regularly attended group exercise classes or sports practices for years or even decades, you may have noticed a shift in the sequencing of the workouts.  Gone are the days of a one-minute “march-in-place” or

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What Are the Deep 6 Rotators and Why Are They a “Pain in Your Butt”?

Photo: Wiki creative commons You may have heard of the piriformis muscle (and piriformis syndrome), but did you know that it’s only one of the six small muscles that perform essentially the same movement?  The six deep external rotator muscles

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Decreased Dorsiflexion: Why it Matters to Your Squat

Creative Commons-licentie Naamsvermelding 3.0 Unported Dorsiflexion: Movement of the ankle which brings the toes closer to the shin.  The tibialis anterior and the ankle extensor muscles (deep to the front of the leg) guide this motion.  Typical range is about

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How Can a Frog Help With Your Sciatica?

  Photo: careyjamesbalboa at wiki cc When the deep external rotators of the hip get overused and tight, internal rotation becomes limited.  The tactical frog exercise is one of the best exercises to help regain some mobility.  Click to view a

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Is “Dead Butt Syndrome” For Real?

Photo: Beth Ohara to Wikimedia Creative Commons Dead Butt Syndrome.  It has a great ring to it.  It calls to mind an image of someone who’s sitting on the couch watching TV for hours at a time.  The ironic thing

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5 Yoga Poses That Can Alleviate Your Sciatica

Do you suffer from painful hip, glute, or leg pain?  Have you had sciatica for months or years but never tried yoga?  These five poses will get at some of the common root causes of sciatica. 1.  Bridge pose.  Sciatica

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Home Relief for Painful Trigger Points

Flickr: Austin Marathon Relay 2009 116 by Roger Mommaerts Do you ever find yourself asking your significant other, “Please, just press here, right between my shoulderblades!”  Are there tight, sore muscles that you notice yourself pushing on frequently to try to get

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Resolving Tennis Elbow with Active Release Techniques

Photo By Edwin Martinez [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Is elbow or forearm pain getting in the way of your tennis game?  Have you noticed that the same part of your swing or serve is painful time and time again,

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