Month: December 2013

USDA guidelines call for two and a half cups of vegetables per day.  While I don’t agree with all of the USDA guidelines, I think they are on target with this one.  If you stop by the farmers market on

Below is a review that I wrote up sometime last year, of a local TRX class in Oakland that I loved.  As it turns out, the personal trainer who taught that class is leading a workshop on the ABC’s of

Upon initial observation, it may not look like there is much of a difference between a chiropractic treatment using Active Release Techniques and one using deep tissue massage.  Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out what makes them different.

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  Traditional chiropractic consists of the art and science of adjusting the spine to restore function to the nervous system.  While it has many amazing benefits for our health (increasing immunity, lessening our pain, decreasing anxiety, etc), it leaves much

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition, in which a person feels heel pain (or pain elsewhere on the bottom of their foot) that is usually at its worst first thing in the morning.  This condition can persist for months to

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“I have pain in my knee, but my doctor told me there’s nothing that can be done.  Just ice and rest and ibuprofen.  Is that true there’s nothing that can be done about knee pain?  What can a chiropractor do

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       vs.        You may have heard sports chiropractors and massage therapists talking about different modalities to treat soft tissue injuries like sports injuries and repetitive use injuries.  Terms like deep tissue massage, Active Release Techniques,

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