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  Do you ever have trouble picking music that best reflects your fitness mood? You are all dressed to go for a long walk or run and you’re feeling inspired and energetic…but you just can’t figure out which song to play

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Your knee aches everytime you go down the stairs, it flares up after a long run, maybe you’ve even iced and foam rolled and gotten treatment of the knee itself, but the pain continues. What’s going on? Many of my

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Whether you’re running Berkeley fire-trails behind the stadium just for fun, or stepping it up for the more serious undertaking that is the Berkeley Half Marathon, you will want to learn about the most common running injuries. Furthermore, there are

  Have you ever completed a long run and wondered: “what is all that dried crusty white powder covering my face, neck, and running shirt? Am I salty? Why am I salty after a long run?” Is it my sunscreen

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Feelings of depression, fatigue, sluggishness, irritability, and not wanting to start the day’s workout are all symptoms of overtraining. You need to be honest with yourself if you are just tired, say, from not sleeping well last night, or if

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Photo: Flikr cc by lawrencegerald It’s early in the training season, and you’ve got the Oakland Running Festival on your mind as one of your goal races. Whether you will be running the Oakland marathon, half marathon, relay, or 5k,

When it comes to strengthening exercises for the hamstrings, there some great exercises out there, and there are some terrible exercises out there.  Do you know which ones to perform and which to avoid?  Most hamstring injuries occur during the

Below is a review that I wrote up sometime last year, of a local TRX class in Oakland that I loved.  As it turns out, the personal trainer who taught that class is leading a workshop on the ABC’s of

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition, in which a person feels heel pain (or pain elsewhere on the bottom of their foot) that is usually at its worst first thing in the morning.  This condition can persist for months to

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