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Six Reasons You Have Shoulder Pain When You Bench Press.

Why Do My Shoulders Hurt When Benching? (PRO TIP: View this entire article as a .PDF here. The formatting is easier on the eyes.) The #1 reason that athletes avoid (or dislike) the bench press exercise, is shoulder pain.  Specifically,

Oakland Manual Therapy vs. Massage Therapy

Have you been prescribed manual therapy in Oakland for your injury? This article explains what’s the difference between manual therapy and massage therapy and which works best for injury? The terms manual therapy and massage therapy get tossed around interchangably,

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How to Prevent Neck Pain While Sleeping

For a lot of people, myself included, once you age out of your twenties, sleep injuries are FOR REAL! Waking up with excruciating neck pain that ruins your day is no fun at all, and luckily there are some concrete

Safe Twisting For Your Back

Is twisting good for your back? Does it miraculously detox your internal organs as some yoga teachers claim? Or is twisting terrible for your spine as some physicians assert? Well, truthfully, the answer lies somewhere in between. Spinal rotation is

Neck, Back, Chest, and Shoulder Pain from Chest Binding

I’m excited to announce a FREE RESOURCE for our community that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Released today! This is a picture and video-rich guide to the stretches, strengthening exercises, and mobility techniques that you can

Nutrition Timing and Anxiety

For about two months as I was training for the trans bodybuilding competition, I tracked my macros very accurately, very consistently. In most cases I would plan them out so that I wouldn’t have any big surprises at the end

Why the 80/20 Rule Doesn’t Work for Nutrition

A common approach to eating is to eat 80% “clean” food and 20% treats/sweets/not-so-healthy foods. It makes sense initially that this would be a less strict way of eating that could increase your long-term compliance to your diet. But upon

Trans Bodybuilding Competition: My Experience as a Non-Binary Competitor

Bodybuilding. Sounds interesting. Building one’s body. Training hard in the gym and eating right. Seeing some results. Work a bit harder. Consider competing. Realize one’s options as a non-binary person are 1) Compete in stilettos and a glittery bikini or

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Acupuncture and Post-Surgical Care

Acupuncture and Post-Surgical Care A Guest Post by Katrina Hanson LAc, owner of Prism Integrative Acupuncture in Oakland   What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) TCM is an ancient healing system involving acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion (moxa) warming therapy, cupping massage,

How to Calculate Your Macros

In this video, I talk about why you’d want to calculate and track your macros, and then I show you step by step how to calculate your macros. Once you get your macros set, you will want to test them

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