River.  Stone.  Some of the most breathtaking moments in nature occur when something moving meets something still.

Riverstone Chiropractic was founded on the idea that our bodies are in their greatest health and most comfortable balance when we incorporate something moving (exercise, yoga, running) with something still (meditation, resting in acupuncture, taking a few quiet breaths while watching a sunset).  These are some of the people in our health and wellness community who can help you explore that balance:

Skilled Massage Therapists:

Sparkle Thornton at http://www.sparkleasyouare.com

Maggie Valentino at http://www.oaklandbodytherapy.com

Amazing Yoga Teachers:

Rachel, Whitney, and many others at http://www.leftcoastpoweryoga.com

Jennifer Meek at http://www.jennifermeek.com

Inspiring Personal Trainers:

Emmet Logan at http://www.yesbodies.com

Rocky Patten (now in Santa Cruz) at http://www.rockybliss.com

Wonderful Nutrition Coach:

Lora Silver at www.lorasilver.com

Grounded Acupuncturists:

Aimee Ruiz (specializing in women’s health) at http://www.eastbayacupuncture.com

Shirliey Fung at http://www.wealthacupuncture.com

Katrina Hanson (specializing in transgender wellness) at https://prismintegrativeacupuncture.com

Awesome Ayurveda Practitioner:

Eden Tosch at http://www.edenayurveda.com

Health and Fitness:

Coach Stephanie Atwood’s GoWOWteam women’s running group at http://www.gowowteam.com and http://www.gowowliving.com

Ironworks Climbing Gym (see you on the rock wall) at http://www.touchstoneclimbing.com

Bridges Climbing Gym (fun bouldering) at http://www.bridgesrockgym.com

Brazen Racing trail running events at http://www.brazenracing.com

The BEST guide for basic whole-foods nutrition (it’s free to download):

Balanced Bites Nutrition Guide Widget