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Perhaps the concept of private yoga lessons is foreign to you.  You may wonder, “Why would I take a private yoga lesson in Oakland when there are a dozen yoga studios in every neighborhood that offer public classes?”  This article …

5 Questions to Ask Before You Take Private Yoga Lessons in Oakland Read More »

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  Once we’ve arrived in Downward Facing Dog, we can move right into the next pose, right?  Possibly, depending on the instructor’s sequence.  But when you consider how much time we spend either holding or flowing through downward dog, it’s …

Do You Like Vinyasa Flow, but Your Joints Are About to Blow: Downward Facing Dog Read More »

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  It looks magnificent when the yoga journal models hold the pose with a lengthened spine, engaged core, and an eloquent upward gaze!  It can feel, however, like your low back is about to break, your neck is straining, and …

Do You Like Vinyasa Flow, but Your Joints Are About to Blow? Upward Facing Dog Read More »

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One of the best aspects of a vinyasa flow class is also, oftentimes the most problematic, in terms of joint health and risk of injury.  It’s a magnificent experience to show up on your mat, tune-out, connect with your breath, …

Do You Like Vinyasa Flow, but Your Joints Are About to Blow? Read More »

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Ease into Power Yoga By Sandy Baird, DC Power yoga is an athletic, fast-paced, challenging class that is usually performed in a warm room.  The poses are linked together in a flowing manner, and the practitioner connects his or her …

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