Low Back Pain

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Most people experience low back pain at some point in their life.  Symptoms can range in severity and type (mild achy annoyances to severe sharp pains), and may or may not go away on its own.  Low back pain treatment requires arriving at a proper diagnosis.  When a patient comes to us seeking help, we do a complete physical and bio-mechanical exam to discover the exact cause of their pain.

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Once we find the cause, we provide effective hands-on soft tissue treatments, chiropractic manipulation, and specific rehabilitation exercises.  While some severe cases of low back pain may require surgery, we find that most cases of low back pain resolve with non-surgical techniques such as Active Release Techniques and Graston technique.  Back pain can sometimes happen due to an acute injury, such as a soccer or football collision, falling off a horse, or being hurt with an automobile accident.  More often however, it is a result of chronic overuse, usually related to poor posture, repetitive motions (typing, driving, cycling, running), and improper biomechanics.  Once a muscle gets overworked, it develops adhesion (aka scar tissue), which limits motion, decreases circulation, and causes pain.

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Once the adhesion is present, it rarely goes away on its own. Ice, stretching, and NSAIDs may provide you with some pain relief, but they unfortunately do not do anything to address this adhesion.  The most effective way we’ve found to reduce adhesion is to use Active Release Techniques in the treatment of low back pain.  This is a non-surgical hands-on modality that works with active range of motion to breakup the troublesome adhesion and restore function to the low back muscles.  Active Release Techniques is appropriate in the treatment of facet syndrome, disc injury, muscle strain, ligament sprain, subluxation, and pinched nerve conditions.  If you have any questions about low back pain or would like to schedule an appointment to have your back pain evaluated, please give us a call at (510) 465-2342.

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