car crash can create whiplash which is treated by Oakland chiropractor

Most people think of rear-end automobile accidents when they think of whiplash.  While this is the number one cause of whiplash, there are several other less common causes of whiplash such as bungee jumping, falling off a horse, riding a roller coaster or bumper cars, and collisions in soccer, rugby, or football.  Whiplash treatment requires first arriving at a proper diagnosis. The mechanism of whiplash is that the head/neck gets thrown backwards into hyper-extension, then recoils forwards (usually with the help of the automobile headrest) into hyper-flexion.  The technical name for whiplash is cervical acceleration-decceleration syndrome.  The pain comes from damage to the ligaments in the neck, the muscles in the head, neck, and back, and in serious cases the bones themselves (potential fracture).

Whiplash treatment by Oakland chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird using Active Release Techniques

Symptoms of whiplash

Following an impact, you may develop pain within minutes, or it may take one to three days to experience the onset of paior stiffness.  Other than neck pain, you may experience the following symptoms:

-Head or jaw pain or tightness
-Pins and needles sensation down one or both arms
-Headache, dizziness
-Shoulder pain
-Upper or middle back pain

Whiplash treated by Oakland chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird

Whiplash treatment

The treatment of whiplash will vary depending on the severity of the impact and how recently the injury occurred.  Your Oakland chiropractor will do a complete neck and back exam to determine exactly which structures are involved, and custom-tailor the treatment for your injury.  Effective treatment modalities include the following:

Chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to fixated joints
-Active Release Techniques to reduce adhesion in injured muscles
-Rehabilitation exercises to stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak ones
-Heat or ice as appropriate to address tissue needs
-Kinesiotaping to support the soft tissue work and increase circulation

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