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Oakland Personal Trainer: Corrective and Therapeutic Functional Exercise Specialist LGBTQ+ friendly, Trans-competent.

LGBTQ+ Oakland personal trainer guides client in a gluteal activation exercise

If your primary goal is to improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve mind/body alignment, or generally build muscle, I know of a great personal trainer in Oakland that I would be happy to guide you towards. My specialty, however, is functional corrective and therapeutic exercises. Meaning, you won’t be doing burpees or deadlifting with me. While those are great exercises, I find that I can offer my clients the most value by helping them with specific exercises that are designed to overcome injury and prevent new injuries from occurring. I can help you strengthen and stabilize your painful shoulder, for example, so that you will be able to return to your previous training and be able to perform push-ups, bench press, and pressing overhead with no more pain!

I also commonly work with runners who are experiencing knee pain and want to keep up with their running training program. Oftentimes the best recipe to get rid of knee pain is activation and strengthening exercises for the glutes and core. In my experience, it is crucial to work one-on-one with a personal trainer to learn and review form for corrective exercises. It’s easy to watch a video or read an article about how to do an exercise, but then actually perform it incorrectly and with minimal muscle activation in the absence of verbal cues, tactile feedback, and modifications for the exercises based on your body’s morphology (the shapes and angles of your joints) and your movement patterns.

To be very clear, another personal trainer is Oakland is going to be a better fit if you are looking to use exercise as a tool to drive weight loss. (If you are interested in learning more about healthy and sustainable weight loss, I do offer personalized macro coaching and nutrition support). The exercises you would be doing with me are intended to stabilize, strengthen, and mobilize your body to prevent and overcome injury. As such, you won’t hear me using language around toning, tightening, achieving six-pack abs, or striving for a “beach-body”. Please feel free to reach out to info@riverstonechiropractic with any questions or book your first session at