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“My goal as a sports chiropractor is to provide my clients with quick, effective treatments that relieve their pain and increase their function…allowing them to continue thriving at the activities they love.” – Dr. Sandy Baird


Here are some stories our lovely clients have shared with us about how they were able to get back to the activities they love following treatment:

“I went to Dr. Sandy for treatment last year when persistent hip pain was slowing me down, keeping me from running the distance I wanted to, and even making it difficult to sit at work during the day. I had been planning to run a half marathon and thought the pain was going to keep me from running it. Sandy easily identified what was causing the issues, and through a combination of in-clinic treatment and a series of strengthening exercises that I could do at home, the pain totally subsided. Not only was I able to run the race (and others since), but I set a PR and felt incredible throughout. I completely recommend going to Sandy for sports injuries and pain – I really appreciate her ability to treat issues on the spot, while also providing strength building skills to keep the pain away.”

-Rachel Hall

“Miraculous- I have used chiropractors for years but not one of their techniques comes close to the results of ART. The deep tissue massage 1000% augments the effectiveness of adjustments.  Sandy Baird relieved the soreness in my neck, shoulders & back after a car accident. Then I hurt my knee running, creating pain with every step.  Sandy worked her magic & I walked out pain free & resumed my daily runs. I give her an A+++.”

-Anita Medal

“Dr. Sandy Baird is about as humble as they come. She quietly listens and applies her talent and voila! life is better. I appreciate that she is willing to push and pull until it hurts a bit and afterward, you feel better!As a runner with my own issues and a running coach (Go WOW Team) who deals with lots of athletes in pain I can personally recommend her as a “go to person” for ART (Active Release Technique) when you need to ease that pain.I would recommend that, it is better to check out her techniques at the beginning stages of pain, if possible. You may be able to get back to working out  a lot sooner. ”

-Coach Stephanie Atwood, M.A. NASM, USATF, RRCA Certified

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