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Riverstone Sports Chiropractic in Oakland CA

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River. Stone.
Some of the most breathtaking moments in nature occur when something moving meets something still.

Riverstone Chiropractic was founded on the idea that our bodies are in their greatest health and most comfortable balance when we incorporate something moving (exercise, yoga, running) with something still (meditation, resting in acupuncture, taking a few quiet breaths while watching a sunset).
Similarly, there are parts of the body that need have good mobility like our shoulders and hips, and there are other body areas that function their best with greater stability like the pelvis and core. We have over 15 years of experience working with clients to help them achieve this balance.


Bring clarity to the priorities, strategies, and treatment objectives to help them achieve the exceptional results they desire.


We strive to enable our patients to have clear direction, focus and achieve success in overcoming their injury.

What Makes Riverstone Chiropractic Different

Trans-competent intake
and treatment

We ask and honor your pronouns, and we avoid gendered terminology (ie. we would say "person with a uterus" if asking about pregnancy not "woman"). We work with transmasc/GNC folx who are experiencing pain from binding as well as offer hands-on manual therapy to help restore mobility post-top sugery. Gender-neutral restroom on site.

Size-inclusive and
weight-neutral practice

We treat people of all shapes and sizes. In addition to having sturdy treatment tables and adequate bolsters/supports, we don't make comments about any bodies (unless it directly applies to your treatment). We are familiar with HAES best-practices and won't be blaming your injury on your weight or prescribing weight loss as a treatment.

Fragrance free
office space

We take care to make our office accessible to those with environmental sensitivities and allergies. We do not use scented lotions in treatments and do not use any essential oils or air fresheners in clinic. Face covers and towels are washed in fragrance-free detergent. Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne to your appointment.

1-on-1 care

The time you spend at your appointment is 100% with the doctor. We don't use aides or assistants to perform modalities on patients. And we won't be hooking you up to E-stim for 15 minutes just so we can bill your insurance. All treatments are performed directly by the doctor and all physiotherapy exercises are done under their immediate supervision.

Modern, evidence-based
treatment approach

We offer more comprehensive injury rehab services than a traditional chiropractor. Instead of just focusing on the spine, we have additional training and expertise in extremity adjusting (foot, wrist, shoulder adjustments etc.) and soft tissue injury management. We specialize in manual therapy (soft tissue muscle work) and physiotherapy exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Both chiropractors and physical therapists in Oakland CA are direct access providers, meaning you do not need a referral to see us.

In order to provide the best care for our patients, we do not allow insurance companies to dictate care. Insurance companies are not doctors and thus should not be in the position of determining what is medically necessary.  Typical insurance reimbursements cover only a quick generic “whack-n-crack” adjustment scenario that is common in high-volume clinics, not the comprehensive soft tissue work, manual therapies, and rehabilitation exercises that accompany chiropractic adjustments to actually make a difference in healing your injury.

The good news is that we can issue you a Superbill, which is a document containing specific codes, that you can submit to your insurance company to attempt direct reimbursement for any out -of-network chiropractic benefits you may have. We also offer discounted 6-visit and 12-visit packages that effectively lower the price per session if you commit to your treatment plan up front .

Absolutely. The muscles, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and bones are all intricately connected. As chiropractors, we are specially trained to locate the exact source of your problem, whether it be muscular or skeletal. A massage therapist could help relax your muscles, but often there is more to the story than just tight muscles. It’s the old “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” paradox.

Whether you view the situation with the lens of the tight muscle causing the joint problem, or the joint fixation causing tight muscles, sports chiropractors can unravel the musculoskeletal tension to address both conditions. Active Release Techniques, one of the core modalities offered at Riverstone Chiropractic, is used to treat a wide variety of muscle, joint, and nerve problems.

Absolutely! I don’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender, sex, age, or race. I feel that’s it’s important to let it be known that I’m queer and trans/non-binary and that I can safely hold space for other queer/trans individuals during treatments. From personal experience, I know that it can be an uneasy feeling going to a new healthcare provider when I don’t know how they might treat me based on my gender presentation. All bodies break down from time to time, and I serve everyone with the same love and compassion.  

Every injury is unique. Did you know that two people could have the same symptoms (let’s say heel pain that’s worse in the morning), but different root causes of the problem? The first person might have dysfunction within the foot due to over-pronation when running, the second person might have a weakness in the hip that is throwing off their biomechanics all the way down the chain to the foot. We are experts in discovering the cause of your problem, as opposed to technicians just treating your symptoms. You can’t treat a dysfunction until you can accurately diagnose it, and that’s just what we are here to help you with!

Even though we specialize in helping people recover from sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries, we also help active people stay active by checking for problems before symptoms occur. Many of our clients have discovered the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care (fewer “aches and pains”, better alignment, and a stronger body-mind connection) and come in on a regular basis, regardless of whether they are in pain.

Choosing chiropractic care is like choosing to eat healthy organic produce and choosing to go to the gym. If you eat one apple and go to one Zumba class, that’s better than nothing. If you make healthy eating and exercise a regular part of your life, that’s even better! Chiropractic checkups are designed to keep your body in alignment so you can stay active and feel balanced. Once a patient is out of the acute stage, we will offer suggestions for frequency of ongoing care based on your condition, but chiropractic is no more addictive than fresh fruit, so you choose the appointment frequency that would best serve your healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible! Patients typically see pain relief in the first 1-3 sessions, and treatment plans of 6-12 visits (over the span of a few months) are generally enough to get you to the point where we’ve corrected the underlying movement impairments that caused your injury in the first place. At that point, you’re no longer thinking about your injury daily and you understand the specific home exercises you need to do to maintain your progress. Many patients choose to do optional tune-ups/maintenance sessions every 4-6 weeks to keep their body moving and feeling optimally.

Of course, every injury is different and your healing time is going to depend on many factors including previous injury history, anatomical asymmetries, physical activity level, and life and work stressors. Dr. Baird will give you a personalized recommendation after taking your history and doing your evaluation at the first visit so that you will have a good understanding of what’s at the root of your injury and what the treatment plan looks like to get you back to your sport or activities.

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Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird
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Dr. Sandy Baird, DC (he/him)

We help people just like you!

Dr. Baird, the founder of Riverstone Chiropractic, is a well-established chiropractor in Oakland CA. His way of diagnosing, treating, and guiding his patients reflects his helpful and friendly nature. Read more…

We love working with self-driven, witty, and creative adults of all genders and sizes who don’t want their injuries or pain to hold them back from living their fullest lives. Many of those folx seek us out for our extensive experience in treating running injuries, but you don’t have to identify as a runner to be seen here!

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