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Graston Technique

Looking for Graston Technique in Oakland CA?

Graston Technique is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables Dr. Baird to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions that are the result of muscle overuse or injury.  The technique uses specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

How does Graston Technique help resolve injuries?

Per the Graston Technique website, empirical and anecdotal evidence exists for the following physiological effects of GT:

  • Separates and breaks down collagen cross-links, and splays and stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers
  • Facilitates reflex changes in the chronic muscle holding pattern (inhibition of abnormal tone/guarding leading to pain reduction via improved sensory input)
  • Alters/inhibits spinal reflex activity (facilitated segment)
  • Increases the rate and amount of blood flow to and from the area (angiogenesis vs. immediate local increases in blood flow)
  • Increases cellular activity in the region, including fibroblasts and mast cells
  • Increases histamine response secondary to mast cell activity

What are the benefits I’d receive from getting Graston Technique treatments?

  • Increased rate of volume and blood flow to affected areas to enhance healing
  • Breakdown of collagen cross-links
  • Boost in cellular activity for good health
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction in pain for better quality of life
  • Increased mobility and ability to perform daily tasks

Even though the Graston Technique can look a bit intense or painful when you see it on social media, the truth of the matter is that all treatments at Riverstone Chiropractic are done to your tolerance. That is, you are in control of the pressure, deeper pressure is not always more effective, and you don’t have to struggle though a treatment that is feeling like too much. We check in often about pressure and positioning to make sure you have the most comfortable experience possible. 

If you would like to speak to a doctor at Riverstone Chiropractic in Oakland CA to find out if and how we can help you overcome your injury and get you back to the activities you love, please call (510) 465-2342 or click the button below to schedule your free consultation.

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