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What are physical therapy rehab exercises? And why can’t I just get them from YouTube?

Rehabilitation exercises are prescribed to strengthen what’s weak, stabilize what’s moving too much, and lengthen what’s too tight.  Dr. Baird has extensive experience with strength and fitness training, yoga therapeutics, and functional rehabilitative methods.  They use their expert knowledge of biomechanics to select specific exercises for your unique condition, so that you can prevent injury, recover from injury, and increase your performance.  Most rehabilitative exercises may be done at home or at the gym with minimal equipment, and you’ll be able to follow along to detailed videos and instructions that are customized to your injury on the Medbridge Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program app. At the first visit, you and the doctor will review what feels reasonable in terms of amount of time per day or per week that you are able to commit to your home exercises so that we are working together towards your goals in a way that feels sustainable amidst the competing priorities of a busy or hectic life. 

Now, of course there are tons of free stretching, mobility, strengthening, and stabilizing exercises on YouTube. Many of them are quite helpful and there’s a lot of solid expertise out there amongst other sports chiropractors and physical therapists and personal trainers who are offering that content. We have a Youtube channel as well, with over 80 videos, many of which explain how to ease the pains of various musculoskeletal conditions at home, and we’re proud of our content. But if you just pick and choose an exercise without a full understanding of your injury or the path to overcoming your injury, you may be picking exercises at random for a very long time. Even if something is a “good” exercise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s appropriate for your condition, and it some cases may even aggravate it. We have the experience to fully understand your injury and then prescribe customized exercises for you.

What types of physical therapy exercises will I be given?

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that stretching is the cure for every injury! Does this sound familiar? You present to your physical therapist at a regional medical center with a shoulder injury. You are eager to get back to the gym but your shoulder is just feeling so weird every time you bench press or do a pull up. Reaching behind you to get something from the backseat in your car feels sharp and sleeping is also aggravating it. They start you with a group class or virtual group class where they show you the four most basic stretches for shoulders. Because you have to wait 4-6 weeks to schedule your evaluation, you do the stretches they gave you consistently for two weeks, but they aren’t helping and are possibly even making things worse.

At this point you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated. Maybe you ask your buddy at the gym or someone in your running group what to do about your shoulder pain and they say you should probably stretch more. You go to a few yoga classes, but that’s not helping either. “If only I had the right stretches, I feel like this would go away” you are likely thinking. For decades, stretching has been purported as the cure for all physical pains in magazines and more recently in social media. But the thing it, most people don’t need another stretch for their shoulder! What actually heals up shoulder problems is getting in there with some manual therapy and joint manipulations up front to take some of the tension off and get your structure a bit more mobile, and then adding in some strength and stability exercises! This is true for almost all areas of the body, not just shoulders!

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physical therapy rehab exercises for glute medius
Physical therapy rehab exercise to strengthen glute medius.

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