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Myofascial Decompression aka Cupping

What is myofascial decompression?

Myofascial decompression (also known as cupping) is a therapy that helps treat musculoskeletal disorders by using suction to create negative pressure underneath the cup. In traditional Eastern medicine, fire was used to create the suction, but modern cupping uses a simple pump. The negative pressure helps to decompress the area by lifting the skin and the layer of tissue underneath the skin, the fascia, up into the cup. This creates space for the underlying tight muscle to lay down and relax. Cupping also helps bring blood flow to the area in need. Blood carries important nutrients which help with tissue healing. We use myofascial decompression to address compensatory movement patterns. This is best done by adding movement with treatment. Movement can be in the form of sliding the cups over the involved tissues  or leaving the cups static while moving the appropriate body parts. 

What to expect with myofascial decompression in Oakland:

In order to prepare for myofascial decompression, make sure the affected area you would like treated can be easily exposed by bringing appropriate clothing. This may include shorts for the lower body and a sports bra or tank top for the upper body. You may be asked to move your arm or leg through certain movements, and/or to press back against gentle resistance to fire up specific muscles or muscle patterns. Be prepared to possibly see some bruising , small red dots (petechiae) or circle marks on your skin as this is common since cupping facilitates blood flow. If you have an event coming up or do not want bruises on your skin let your sport chiropractor know ahead of time.

What are the risks and contraindications to cupping?

Myofascial decompression should not be conducted over any open wound, active cancer, swollen areas, previous bruises or immediately post surgery.

Please inform your chiropractor beforehand if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Anemia
  • Cardiac conditions/High blood pressure
  • Sensitive skin
  • Current blood clot or history of blood clots
  • Currently taking blood thinner medication
  • Fever
  • Pregnancy

Are there any additional costs to receive cupping?

Myofascial decompression therapy is built-into a treatment session and does not involve any additional costs. Typical treatment sessions usually involve a blend of chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, cupping or tool-assisted modalities, and physical therapy exercises.

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