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Hip, glute, knee, and foot pain in runners, why is it so common?

It’s really common to think that hip/glute or knee/foot pain is no big deal and that it will just go away. Also, it tends to come on insidiously, that is, it sort of creeps up on you weeks or months into a training program. You don’t remember spraining an ankle or falling recently, so you’re feeling confused about what could be causing this?

  • Am I wearing the wrong running shoes?
  • Should I go get some orthotics?
  • I wonder if I need to stretch more or find some yoga classes?

But you’ve already tried a lot of things and it doesn’t seem to be getting better, and maybe it’s steadily getting a bit worse each week!

  • Are you feeling frustrated that stretching, resting, and taking NSAIDs (like Advil) hasn’t been working?
  • Are you having to slow down or even stop running altogether?
  • Are you feeling annoyed at all the time you’ve spent searching Youtube for running injury exercises, only to have them not help?
  • Are you still looking for the right solution so you can get back to your favorite running trails or re-join your running group?

What can make things even harder is that a lot of hip, knee, foot, and glute pain is normalized in our culture…

  • Maybe a running buddy says “Yeah, everybody gets knee pain, you just have to live with it or work around it!”
  • Your primary care doctor says “Sure, this is common, just rest for six weeks and it should go away!” 
  • Commercials for NSAIDs lead us to believe that it we just pop those pain pills everything will be fixed.
  • A family member has commented that foot pain or knee or hip pain is normal with getting older.

You can’t pinpoint an obvious reason why it started.

It doesn’t seem to be getting any better on it’s own, and is possibly getting worse.

And you’re not sure what decision to make or what direction to head in to get rid of your injury.

If this is true for you, you are not alone, we hear this all the time! Running injuries are the most common conditions that we see at Riverstone Chiropractic!

Treatment of Running Injuries

To address something as serious as a running injury, we need to not only get you out of PAIN, we need to address the root causes. We look at the big picture to find out where your movement impairments are stemming from, and we provide manual therapy to take tension off overly-tight muscles, adjustments and mobilizations to free up stuck joints, and physical therapy exercises to strengthen and stabilize what’s weak. Every injury is unique, but here are just a few examples of common evaluation findings:

  • Limited dorsiflexion motion/ROM at the ankle causing compensations higher up your kinetic chain (like knee, back, hip, or glute pain) that can be resolved through ankle and foot adjustments followed by supportive home exercises to continue mobilizing that restricted ankle. 
  • Tightness in the hip/gluteal musculature, plantar fasciia, or calves that can be addressed with manual therapy such as Active Release Techniques, and then maintained at home with specific self-myofascial release exercises.
  • Weak glute medius muscles (other muscles in the area tend to be overactive) so we need to get the glutes “back online” with manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and other muscle activation techniques and exercises.

So if you are tired of dealing with your nagging running injury and would like some clear direction on how to overcome your injury, we can help! 

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A hip running injury treated by an Oakland chiropractor.

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