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What is a Sports Chiropractor?

I just put up a new video on Youtube called “What is a Sports Chiropractor?” What is Sports Chiropractic and what makes it different from other types of chiropractic care?   Oakland Sports Chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird explains what sports chiropractic is and why there might actually be a better name for it. Have you […]

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How to Calculate Your Macros

EDIT: 5/23/2022 Trigger warning: this video mentions weight loss and specific calorie numbers. In this video, I talk about why you’d want to calculate and track your macros, and then I show you step by step how to calculate your macros. Once you get your macros set, you will want to test them out for

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Neck Pain with Breastfeeding

Do you struggle with neck pain when breastfeeding? Maybe you’ve tried heat and ice packs and ibuprofen and nothing seems to help? Eventually you start to dread sitting down for another nursing session because you know the pain will still be there. In this video I’m going to show you how you can fix your

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Graston Technique Explained aka “How Do Those Metal Torture Bars Fix My Injury?”

If you’ve ever seen the set of stainless steel Graston tools in our office, you may have wondered what those scary-looking devices are good for!  You may have even experienced a Graston treatment on your knee or shoulder, but not really understood what the tools do.  Today’s article will explain the theory behind Graston, aka

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Deadlifting with Osgood Schlatter

Despite what the name sounds like, Osgood Schlatter isn’t the name of a professional weightlifter from Germany. Osgood Schlatter (aka osteocondritis) is a condition of the knee wherein repeated stress from contraction of the quad muscles pulls on the immature tibial tuberosity (bony area at the top of the shin), causing pain, inflammation, and the

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