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What is a Sports Chiropractor?

I just put up a new video on Youtube called “What is a Sports Chiropractor?” What is Sports Chiropractic and what makes it different from other types of chiropractic care?   Oakland Sports Chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird explains what sports chiropractic is and why there might actually be a better name for it. Have you […]

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Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Sports Injury Prevention Tips Sandy Baird, D.C. Whether you prefer team sports like soccer, basketball, or rugby, or individual sports such as tennis, swimming, or racquetball, it’s crucial to your health and happiness to take preventative steps (swings, strokes, etc.) against injury.  While some injuries may be entirely unavoidable, you can reduce your risk of

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Ease into Power Yoga

Ease into Power Yoga By Sandy Baird, DC Power yoga is an athletic, fast-paced, challenging class that is usually performed in a warm room.  The poses are linked together in a flowing manner, and the practitioner connects his or her breath to the movements in and out of poses, as a way to build-up internal

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