Silicone Cupping vs. Plastic Cups for Cupping Therapy Treatment

You may be familiar with cupping (aka myofascial decompression) and could recognize its signature circular marks, but have you ever searched online for a cupping set to try it at home? The search results are overwhelming to say the least. The most beginner-friendly cups are either silicone cups or plastic cups? So what\’s the difference between silicone cups and plastic cups for cupping therapy? That\’s exactly what I\’m going to go over in this video. I will show you the two types of cups I use for cupping therapy, and talk about the benefits of each one. Then I will provide some context to help you figure out if you want to use silicone cups or plastic cups for your at-home cupping therapy.


00:00 Intro

0:56 Difference between silicone and plastic cups for cupping therapy

2:47 Treatment styles possible with each type of cup

4:45 Recommendations for best at-home cupping sets for beginners.

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