Physiotherapy LGBTQ+ in the Oakland Bay Area

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience(s) of:

-Getting called “sir”or “ma’am” in the waiting room when that gendered greeting isn’t appropriate

-Overhearing a conversation in which a doctor refers to you as “she” when your pronouns are “they/them”

-Observing toxic masculinity and fitness culture that doesn’t allow for rest or listening to your body

-Receiving education about your injury with terms for the body or for exercises that feel limiting or non-inclusive

-Realizing that the physical therapist or sports chiropractor providing physiotherapy services not understanding your treatment goals as they relate to your physical gender presentation.

Most trans/non-binary/LGBTQIA+ people that I know (including myself) have encountered at least one of these things during office visits of medical providers or providers of musculoskeletal therapies (chiropractors who offer physiotherapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc). While the reality of navigating your care in this world may include some compromises, I want to remove as many of the uncomfortable stumbling-blocks as possible for my patients, so that I can provide a safe and comfortable treatment space.

I offer chiropractic services and physiotherapy in the Oakland Bay Area. In case you are wondering if there is a difference between physical therapy and physiotherapy, the short answer is that it’s just a matter of semantics. Chiropractors in California are allowed to offer physiotherapy but not physical therapy. In reality, there is a large scope overlap between physical therapists and sports chiropractors.

LGBTQ physical therapy oakland
lgbtq physical therapy oakland 2

You can learn more about how LGBTQ+ trans-inclusive physiotherapy can help with your injuries by watching the video linked below.

And the most frequently asked question that I get it is:

“Your rainbows and unicorns are magical… but can straight people come too?”

lgbtq physical therapy oakland chiropractor

🦄 Believe it or not, I get this question quite a lot. I suppose it’s a sign that I’m on-niche with my marketing, but I’d like to answer the question seriously.⁠

👍 Absolutely I work with straight folx as well! I don’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender, sex, age, or race. I feel that’s it’s important to let it be known that I’m queer and that I can safely hold space for other queer/trans individuals during treatments. From personal experience, I know that it can be an uneasy feeling going to a new healthcare provider when I don’t know how they might treat me based on my gender presentation. All bodies breakdown from time to time, and I serve everyone with the same love and compassion.

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