Piper Wai Natural Deodorant Review

https://youtu.be/ifdM23Ky1YA The new commercial for Piper Wai Natural Deod0rant got me thinking. Does the aluminum found in antiperspirants really have a link to breast cancer? Or is that just a myth? Here’s a quick summary of the research and my thoughts on the issue. If you are looking for a more natural solution, you may […]

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Sunny Sunday Strawberry Sparkler

Have you ever found yourself thirsty for something besides water on a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon? And maybe you’re avoiding alcohol and its commonly proffered alternatives of sugary soda or juice. It’s too hot for tea, and iced tea takes too long to brew/cool-down. So what do you do? You make a Sunny Sunday Strawberry

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Neck Pain with Breastfeeding

Do you struggle with neck pain when breastfeeding? Maybe you’ve tried heat and ice packs and ibuprofen and nothing seems to help? Eventually you start to dread sitting down for another nursing session because you know the pain will still be there. In this video I’m going to show you how you can fix your

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