Deadlifting with Osgood Schlatter

Despite what the name sounds like, Osgood Schlatter isn’t the name of a professional weightlifter from Germany. Osgood Schlatter (aka osteocondritis) is a condition of the knee wherein repeated stress from contraction of the quad muscles pulls on the immature tibial tuberosity (bony area at the top of the shin), causing pain, inflammation, and the

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Meniscus Injuries After 40

The purpose of this article is to discuss the mechanism of meniscus tears (which usually occur in females over the age of forty).  We will discuss the prevention of meniscus injuries and the treatment of meniscus injuries. Anatomy Let’s review meniscus anatomy before we discuss injury. The meniscus of the knee consists of two rings

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10 Reasons Why You Should Squat

1. Prevent injuries Whether you play soccer, basketball, or football on the weekends, research has proven over and over that athletes who squat injure themselves less frequently than athletes who do not squat.1 Full range of motion squats strengthen the gluts, hamstrings, and hip musculature that controls the motion of the knee. Knees that are

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Static vs. Dynamic Stretching

If you’ve regularly attended group exercise classes or sports practices for years or even decades, you may have noticed a shift in the sequencing of the workouts.  Gone are the days of a one-minute “march-in-place” or a quick jog, followed by 5-10 minutes of “warm-up” consisting of 30 second holds (static stretches) of hamstrings, quads,

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