Video Run Analysis

Oakland Video Running Analysis Services:

Do you have an injury that sticks around even after doing some treatment? Reviewing a frame-by-frame gait analysis can point out where your injury is coming from! Dr. Baird is trained in video running analysis through Dr. DePrato, DPT at the UCSF School of Medicine. They use state-of-the-art Dartfish Video Analysis software to record and analyze your running biomechanics. Once we find the weak links in your running form, Dr. Baird can put together a treatment plan to help you run more effectively, resulting in less discomfort, tightness, and pain.

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Bay Area Video Running Analysis Details:

Our video running analysis service includes two appointments. First is the data-collection appointment. You pre-fill a questionnaire about your running history and goals, and then we review the information at this first visit. We take the necessary video views, and do a brief functional movement assessment to look for imbalances and restrictions in your movement patterns. Please allow about 45 minutes for this appointment, as it takes some time to place markers on specific areas on your hips/knees/ankle/foot so they show up on video. You will also want to warm up for a few minutes so you don’t feel stiff while you are running.

The second appointment is a few days later, or after Dr. Baird has reviewed and marked-up your video. You will be shown a 16-point checklist of things that are bio-mechanically correct, and things that could use improvement. And then Dr. Baird will give you their recommendations for specific exercises that will correct what’s going awry with your running form. They will demonstrate the exercises and check your form as well. If they recommend additional gait retraining or bodywork modalities that could restore your running gait to normal and let you run with less pain, they will let you know your options at that time.

The entire analysis costs $199. If you book with a friend or running team member and we can film both videos together, your cost is only $150 each. (You are welcome to choose joint or separate appointments for the second visit, but the first appointment will be joint).

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Oakland Video Running Analysis Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this different from the free video running analysis they do at my local shoe store?

While it can be a helpful service to see how your foot performs in different shoes, the reality is, that we have a whole body, not just two feet! Those gait analyses may pick up on pronation of your foot, but they don’t show what’s happening at your hips. Did you know that a weakness in the glutes, for example, can cause your leg to roll inward at the knee and collapse at the ankle.

So you pick pick the shoes that allow the least amount of pronation, but the dysfunction just gets pushed further up the kinetic chain if you don’t address it by viewing the body as a whole.  We look for 16 different movement faults in the low back, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles, and feet to get the most clear picture of what’s actually happening when you run. From there we can recommend how to correct those faults, allowing you to run more comfortably and with less pain.


Will I be running on a treadmill or on the ground?

You can choose to do your video running analysis either in our Oakland office on a treadmill or on land at a comfortable outdoor location near Lake Merritt. I will be able to record and analyze the video with the same amount of precision no matter what you chose. For scheduling and efficiency reasons, most clients choose to do their analysis on a treadmill. Alternatively, doing the running analysis outside is a good option if you aren’t comfortable running on a treadmill. The treadmill weight limit per the manufacturer is 220 pounds. If your weight is higher than 220 pounds, analysis will be scheduled for the outdoor location.

Who is this video running analysis for?

Beginning runners who are trying to build up mileage or go a little faster, but are coming up against a nagging injury.

Intermediate to advanced runners who enjoy participating or competing in 5ks, 10ks, half marathon, full marathons, and ultra distance events, who would like to keep running for years to come without injury standing in the way.

Non-competitive runners who would are experiencing pain when running in bootcamp type classes and want to fully participate in their group exercise classes.

Who is this video running analysis not for?

Elite runners who are trying to shave just a few minutes or seconds off their event times. There exists the possibility to use pressure force plates, surface EMG, and other technology in gait analysis and training to squeeze the last little bit of efficiency from your running form. It entails additional cost and time and I can provide a great local referral if that’s what you’re looking for. But I prefer to help runners find freedom from their injuries and return to enjoying their runs, and not dreading going for a long run because their knee has been bothering them for months.

What to bring and how to prepare?

Please fill out the questionnaire ahead of time and bring it with you to the first appointment.  Wear something you can run in comfortably, and bring or wear the shoes you typically run in. The shorts that show up best on camera and allow for the most accurate video running analysis are solid colors (but not black) and form fitting. If your shirt hangs below the waistband of your shorts, we will want to tuck it in for the analysis so we get a accurate measurement of the hips. There is a restroom in our office if you choose treadmill analysis, but we can’t guarantee bathroom availability if we meet at the outdoor location so please come with an empty bladder if possible.

If you’d like to get started with your video running analysis, please call us at 510-465-2342 to setup your first appointment.