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Looking to make a same day appointment?

We can often accommodate that!

Do you have a nagging, frustrating pain that doesn’t seem to go away with ice, stretching, or foam rolling? Maybe it’s been going on for a few weeks and you just kept hoping it would get better on its own…but it is still bothering you, and has possibly gotten worse over time.  Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait weeks to get in with a walk-in chiropractor in Oakland. 

To be 100% transparent up front, we aren’t technically a walk-in clinic. For COVID safety and security purposes, and to properly prepare for each appointment and offer the best service possible, we provide services BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. With that said, we often have same day appointments available. Our doctor is efficient and reliable and has their online appointment booking calendar set to accept appointments on only two hours notice!

That means that if your neck has been been bugging you this stressful and busy week and you realize “Ah-ha! My work meeting just got cancelled this afternoon, I wonder if I can find a walk-in chiropractor in Oakland that has a spot open?” If we have a spot open that day, you can just book it online and it’s yours! 

Of course it may take a bit more planning ahead for new patients, there’s not always going to be enough time in every day to squeeze in a new patient, but a same day appointment is not out of the question and if that timing doesn’t work out, next day availability is probable. You’re certainly not stuck waiting for weeks!

You can check availability here:

walk-in chiropractor sandy baird
Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Sandy Baird

Conditions We Treat

Low back pain
Top Surgery
Shoulder pain
Binding pain
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