Part 2 – “So You’ve Been Diagnosed with Sciatica?” : Treatment

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The following is part 2 of the article entitled “So You’ve Been Diagnosed with Sciatica?”  Part 1 may be accessed HERE.

Now that we’ve determined the cause of your sciatica, we may begin treatment.  In order to reduce adhesion in muscle tissues, we must induce mechanical pressure in a specific direction and at a specific depth.  This assures that our hand or thumb contact accesses the exact anatomical structure that is dysfunctional, and delivers enough tension to break up the adhesion.  Once the adhesion is broken-up, the tissues remodel and the tissue texture and function improves.  It often will take several visits for the tissues to repair themselves, as adhesion has usually been present for some time, and is addressed in layers.

Active Release Techniques (ART) is Dr. Baird’s technique of choice to resolve soft tissue dysfunction and get patients back to their activities with less pain.  Within the ART system, there are protocols for resolving nerve entrapments (like those mentioned in the article above).  The treatment consists of manipulating the tissues in a certain way so that the nerve becomes “unstuck” and can once again glide freely through the tissues.

Once the tissues are functional again, they have an increased capacity for load, and that’s what allows you to return to your sports and physical activities without pain or dysfunction.  This is also the perfect time to start the specific rehab exercises your Oakland chiropractor assigns you.  The exercises are designed to strengthen what’s weak, stretch what’s not moving enough, and stabilize what’s moving too much.  Rehab exercise prescriptions vary by patient, but you can count on some focus on the core (abs, hips, glutes), because maintaining a strong, flexible, and stable core will help prevent recurring episodes of sciatica.

If you or a family member is struggling with sciatica, we can help you!  Please call us at 510-465-2342 for a free initial consultation to see if you’re a candidate for ART treatment.

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