What is JOINT FIXATION? A Quick Definition

What is subluxation?

Physical stress (falls, accidents, sports injuries, repetitive use), emotional stress (job worries, family tension, fighting), and chemical stress (medications, cigarettes, environmental toxins) cause the body to shift out of balance.  Once the body is subjected to these stressors, subluxation may occur.  This is a condition where any two bones that make-up a joint either become misaligned, fixated (stuck), or both.  This condition is corrected through the gentle, specific chiropractic adjustment.

What is joint fixation?

A joint misalignment is an easier concept to grasp than a joint fixation.  You can picture the vertebrae that stack up to make a spinal column as being similar to a perfectly vertical stack of blocks.  If you jostle the stack, each block (vertebrae) may move position relative to the one above or before it.  But what’s harder to understand is that once adhesions come into the picture, any two vertebrae that make up one joint can get “glued together” and not have available their normal movement.  This condition is called joint fixation.  Active Release Techniques or other advanced muscle therapy is effective in breaking up adhesions in muscles and other soft tissues.  Chiropractic adjustments, however, are the only way to break up the adhesions that cause joint fixation.

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